Intro to WebAssembly and Blazor

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Some OSS Projects I Run

  • Liquid Victor
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  • LiquidNun
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  • Toastmasters Agenda
    • A c# library and website for generating agenda's for Toastmasters meetings.


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WASM in the Browser

A first look at WASM directly in the browser

What is WebAssembly (WASM)

  • A W3C Specification
    • A portable binary compilation-target
    • Designed to execute well within existing web platforms
    • Able to support non-browser embeddings
  • The Intermediate-Language of the Web
    • Can be compiled-to from nearly any language
    • Can be executed on nearly any platform
    • Can be used inside the browser or out

WASM Provides

  • A Structured Stack Machine execution model
    • Most instructions use the stack for data
    • Flow of control handled with structured constructs
      • i.e. if and while
  • A very limited type-system
    • Integer types: i32 & i64
    • Float types: f32 & f64
    • Any other types handled by the compiler

WASM Module Sections

Name Code Description
Type 1 Declares signatures of all types (functions)
Import 2 Declares all imported modules (i.e. Javascript)
Function 3 Cross references sections type (1) and code (10)
Table 4 Declares tables for storage
Memory 5 Declares contiguous memory sections
Global 6 Declares globabl variables
Export 7 Declares items to be exposed outside of the module
Start 8 Declares the start function if one exists
Element 9 Used to initialize imported modules
Code 10 The implementation of all functions
Data 11 Used to initialize any memory ranges

Module Header

Human Readable (wat)


Compiler Output

0000000: 0061 736d ; WASM_BINARY_MAGIC
0000004: 0100 0000 ; WASM_BINARY_VERSION

Section 1 (Type)

Human Readable (wat)

(func $label1 (param i32 i32) (result i32))

Compiler Output

; section "Type" (1)
0000008: 01 ; section code
0000009: 07 ; section size
000000a: 01 ; num types
; type 0
000000b: 60 ; func
000000c: 02 ; num params
000000d: 7f ; i32
000000e: 7f ; i32
000000f: 01 ; num results
0000010: 7f ; i32

Section 7 (Export)

Human Readable (wat)

(export "addTwo" (func $label1))

Compiler Output

; section "Export" (7)
0000015: 07 ; section code
0000016: 0a ; section size
0000017: 01 ; num exports
0000018: 06 ; string length
0000019: 6164 6454 776f ; addTwo
000001f: 00 ; export kind
0000020: 00 ; export func index

Section 10 (Code)

Human Readable (wat)

get_local 0
get_local 1

Compiler Output

; section "Code" (10)
0000021: 0a ; section code
0000022: 09 ; section size
0000023: 01 ; num functions
; function body 0
0000024: 07 ; func body size
0000025: 00 ; local decl count
0000026: 20 ; get_local
0000027: 00 ; local index
0000028: 20 ; get_local
0000029: 01 ; local index
000002a: 6a ; i32.add
000002b: 0b ; end

Browser Execution Pipeline


As the world existed pre-WASM

Browser Execution Pipeline


As the world exists today

Basic Blazor

A first look at Blazor from File > New Project

What is Blazor?

  • A SPA Framework
    • Builds client-side applications
    • Runs in the browser
    • C# is the programming language
  • Uses the Razor engine and syntax
    • C# code is inline
    • Encapsulation done with components
    • .NET code executed using mono.wasm


  • A Web Assembly implementation of the .NET runtime
    • Built by the Xamarin team
    • Supports NetStandard2.0

Chutes & Ladders Project Structure


.NET Code in Blazor

Using Blazor to run existing .NET libraries

Why NOT Use Blazor Right Now?

  • Blazor is an Experimental Project from Microsoft
    • It is not guaranteed to ever RTW
    • There may be better ways to accomplish the goals
  • The tooling is not yet where we need it to be
    • Many features are planned but not yet implemented
  • Little benefit if you are fluent and comfortable with JavaScript

    • Why move to an experiment if it isn't solving your pain?
  • Little benefit if you don't need existing .NET in the browser

    • If your code is Javascript (or not written) use what is right

Should I Be Using Blazor Now?


Only if you are unhappy with JavaScript or want to run .NET in the browser AND You don't need to release for at least 6 months

How Do I Get Started?

  • In Visual Studio 2019
    • File > New Project > Web > ASP.NET Core Web Application


  • WebAssembly
    • A portable binary compilation-target
    • Executes in the same browser context as Javascript
  • Blazor
    • A SPA framework
    • Uses C# for scripting
    • Interpreted using Mono.wasm in the browser